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The Only Campfire Starter You'll Ever Need!

Welcome to the JaJa Camping Supplies, LLC PROSTART™ Campfire Starter. The JaJa PROSTART™ is the all-new campfire starter that makes starting a campfire-any campfire- a snap.

Whether you build your campfire to cook up a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, grill steaks for dinner or simply to relax at the end of a long day and make s’mores with the family, one of the great joys of camping is the satisfaction you feel when you make that perfect campfire. Now, with the JaJa PROSTART™, not only can you make the perfect campfire, you can usually do it in 5 minutes or less!

That’s right. Not only can you start your campfire in 5 minutes or less, but because the JaJa PROSTART™ uses propane to provide a strong, consistent flame to ignite your campfire wood, it completely eliminates the need for crumpled paper, paraffin-soaked newspaper rolls, sawdust bags or dryer lint. No need to scrounge around the campsite for twigs or other kindling material. The JaJa PROSTART™ is all you need.

Simply set up your campfire using the traditional tepee-style method. Light and insert the JaJa PROSTART™ into your tepee and within minutes you’ll have a well established fire. It is as simple as that! No muss! No fuss! And with its tough, durable construction, the JaJa PROSTART™ will be starting your campfires for years to come.

Starting a fire has never been easier. Still don’t believe us? Just watch the short video on this website and you’ll see just how safe, fast and easy it really is.

Make sure that you’re a happy camper! Use the JaJa PROSTART™ Campfire Starter on your next camping trip!


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