Jaja Camping Products
1)   How many starts will I get from a tank of gas?
You should get between 15 and 20 successful starts, depending on how long you leave the JaJa ProStart™ on when lighting a fire.

2)   Do I need to set up my fire any differently when I'm using the JaJa PROSTART™ campfire starter?
Setting up your firewood using smaller logs in a teepee style formation works the best.

3)   Does my JaJa PROSTART™ campfire starter need any special care or cleaning?
You will want to keep the valve end of the JaJa ProStart™ free of dirt to prevent it from becoming clogged.

4)   How long will my JaJa PROSTART™ campfire starter last?
Your JaJa ProStart™ should last you for life with proper care and handling.

5)   Can I store the JaJa PROSTART™ campfire starter with the gas tank attached?
No, the tank must be removed from the JaJa ProStart™ after every use, in case the valve is not shut completely off by the user.

6)   If I don't have the standard 16.4 oz propane can available, can I use the taller Bernz-O-Matic can?
The taller tanks can be used although they are not recommended, this changes the angle of the tip and could affect the way the flame hits the campfire wood.


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